AMCAP Business Excellence

AMCAP has developed a business excellence philosophy to help achieve a consistently high performing culture where it instinctively delivers quality products and services to customers on a daily basis.

The business excellence standards guide behaviour and assist in making informed decisions to ensure daily process management compliments the ability to deliver exceptional service.

AMCAP is focused on meeting customer’s needs and exceeding expectations to enhance the overall customer experience.

Most importantly, AMCAP’s business excellence standards provide robust support systems to deliver positive outcomes for clients.

AMCAP operates and maintains an integrated quality management system consisting of processes, tools and technologies designed to ensure the successful delivery of contracts and projects to the satisfaction of its clients.

AMCAP’s quality management system promotes ongoing process assessment, reviews and analysis through a comprehensive audit program that forms the foundation of continuous improvement within the organisation.

AMCAP’s quality management system is independently certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.