Go the extra mile (GEM)

AMCAP has a performance driven culture in which the company strives to go the extra mile in everything it does, driven internally by the GEM culture.

AMCAP’s GEM culture is guided from the people within the company encompassing the determination to achieve results through corporate values of honesty and integrity, effective communication and teamwork.

GEM health and wellbeing

In order for AMCAP employees to perform at their best, the company recognises the importance of work life balance and encourages a healthy and less stressful lifestyle.

GEM rewards and recognition

As AMCAP strives for the pursuit of excellence, employees are encouraged to nominate their peers that go the extra mile.  Behaviour that supports the culture and demonstrates the company’s corporate values are formally recognised and rewarded.

GEM community

The GEM culture is not only about being a valuable, happy and healthy employee, the culture extends to being a valuable member of the greater community. AMCAP employees are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities, participation and leadership in community and charitable organisations.  AMCAP provides a formal supported employee volunteering program.