Meet Our Staff

Calum McIntrye

In 2006, Calum McIntyre joined AMCAP picking and packing products in the Welshpool warehouse.  Today he is a Section Leader and is best regarded as a unique problem solver.  Whilst there are a number of experienced section leaders working in the warehouse, Calum is unique with a ‘Rain Man’ like memory and can find just about any stocked product that may have been misplaced.  From his years of experience and knack for all things automotive, Calum is relied on by the whole team as the expert trouble shooter.  Speaking of shooting, one of Calum’s favourite past times is field pistol shooting. As an active member of the Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters Club for the past five years, Calum enjoys participating in the club’s many events. There are a number disciplines to consider however the field pistol provides Calum with more variety including multiple targets and the use of speed and accuracy at various distances.

Calum is also experienced in structural welding having sub-contracted for small business prior to AMCAP. The job security, variety of tasks and company culture that AMCAP provides, affords Calum the opportunity to spend more time on his number one passion, other than that of his fiancé, Miranda, of course who also happens to work at AMCAP.  Mention Mazda cars to Calum and his face lights up and he readily admits he could talk all day about them.  With four Mazda’s, a V8 Falcon and Landcruiser for 4WDing on his property in Brookdale, moving cars is like a scene out of The Castle!  All built in the 70’s and 80’s, Calum’s car collection allows this self-taught mechanic plenty of opportunities to hone his skills, rebuilding each vehicle to their former glory.

Speak to his manager Emma Smith, Warehouse Operations Manager and she says “Calum is a valued member of the team, respected by peers and leaders alike. His care factor and passion to save the company unnecessary expense, his approach to the safety of his team, and his integrity when performing his role, whatever he’s doing, makes him stand out every single day.  He regularly is able to go over and above, and sets an excellent example to others. As an all-round nice guy, Calum strives for improvement in what-ever job he’s tasked with. He is team AMCAP through and through.”

Calum McIntyre, Section Leader

Jack McPheeJack McPhee joined the AMCAP business as a mining and industrial trainee back in 2013 and is currently the South West Sales Representative for Skipper Transport Parts.

Between 2013 and 2016 Jack held the roles of Parts Interpreter for Skipper Transport Parts, and Mining and Industrial Product Specialist processing sales for BHP Billiton, Citic Pacific Mining, Monadelphous, Ruc Mining and Alcoa.

As the new South West Sales Representative, Jack is primarily responsible for promoting and growing the Skipper Transport Parts commercial vehicle business from Albany across to Esperance.  He will work closely with new and existing customers to understand their specific product and service requirements with a view to continuing to improve their overall experience.  When calling on commercial vehicle customers, Jack will also promote the broader range of products available.

Jack is one of AMCAP’s Emerging Leaders recently taking part in a formal leadership program with other staff members.  In addition to the leadership program, Jack holds a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management and a Certificate III Automotive Parts Sales.

Growing up on his family farm in the town of Kulin, approximately 280km from Perth in the Eastern Wheat belt region of WA, Jack moved on to manage farms in the towns of Ongerup and Borden in the South West of WA. Jack attended boarding school in Albany before moving to Perth post-graduation to pursue a football career.

Jack is excited about his new role that will return him to the South West where he prefers the cold weather and milder summer conditions as well as enjoying the coastline that offers an abundance of beautiful beaches and lakes.  “I look forward to working with the people down in the farming region of the southwest as well as Albany as they are incredibly friendly and welcoming,” said Jack.

In Jack’s spare time he still enjoys football in the winter and water skiing and cricket in the summer months.

Jack McPhee , Sales Representative Skipper Transport Parts – South West

Fanga Afimeimounga is one of the newest sales representatives for Skipper Transport Parts in Port Hedland, joining the team in June 2016. Fanga hails from Tonga and joins us with recent automotive parts experience from Qube Bulk in their logistics department and at Utah Point, CJD Equipment and Futuris Automotive / Holden in Adelaide.

Education and training are a clear priority to Fanga’s career with a Cert IV in Frontline Management and a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the University of Adelaide. He also holds various tickets to drive forklifts, front end loaders, back hoes, skid steers and mini diggers.

After ten years as a Customer Liaison Officer between Futuris Automotive and General Motors Holden in Adelaide, Fanga commenced his studies at the University of Adelaide before relocating to Port Hedland in 2012.  With no previous exposure to truck parts, Fanga was lucky to land a three month role at Truckline before moving to Qube.  With a strong interest growing for truck and trailer spare parts Fanga decided to approach Skipper Transport Parts as he thought the business had solid growth potential in truck and trailer parts.   Following a number of discussions with Barry Mariu (Branch Manager), Fanga felt that the sales role would offer rewarding challenges and the industry would provide a long term and stable career.

Arriving in Australia from Tonga in 1992, Fanga lived in Sydney and Adelaide before settling in Port Hedland for the past four years with his wife Holoi Pepe and their son Simione who is currently completing year 11. Fanga says that he loves the laid back culture of the town and sites the locals as “just so friendly.”

Asked about what Fanga likes to do in his spare time, he says “I spend most of my spare time fishing and camping, weather permitting. I also umpire Aussie rules football in the North Pilbara Football League.”

Fanga Afimeimounga, Sales Representative Skipper Transport Parts – Port Hedland

Barry Mariu is the branch manager responsible for the daily operations and sales of Skipper Transport Parts, Port Hedland, leading a small team of seven staff.  Barry joined the company back in April 2015 and was drawn to the AMCAP
business for its retention rate of staff. Barry said “I was blown away to hear of people that have worked in the same business for 20 plus years. I want to be one of those people.” Prior to joining AMCAP, Barry worked at Complete Portables in Wedgefield, being the first Northwest employee for the company.  He was involved in creating the offices, yard, and expanding the northwest client base. Barry also managed Coates Hire in Port Hedland and Newman over a five year period. Barry notes his career highlight thus far was during his time at Coates Hire where he was fortunate enough to be promoted from a general counter person, to assistant manager and on to branch manager in just two short years. As a manager at Coates, Barry completed his Cert IV in Frontline Business Management, and OHS. He also holds a high risk forklift, vehicle mounted crane, and riggers tickets that he acquired in previous roles working with BHP on the rail lines between Port Hedland and Newman.

Barry hails from a background dominated by hire and sales of mining, trade and DYI machinery, across all plant types from large excavators to concrete mixers and transportable office complex’s. Barry has lived in Port Hedland on and off for the past 20 years. “I have spent most of my life in the Northwest, moving to Meekatharra from NZ as a boy in 1989.” Barry said. “The part of Hedland I like most is the people. Although a very transient place by nature of the industries that built this place, everyone is very open and welcoming to all people from all walks of life. All my boys, and my wife were born here, it is home for us.” Barry is happily married to his wife Danielle of seven years, with three young boys between the ages of four and eight.  Spare time is hard to come by with such a young family but when Barry and Danielle don’t have BMX, piano lessons, and tutoring for their sons, they generally try and get out of town to go fishing or exploring around the Pilbara with their cruiser and camper in tow.

Barry Mariu, Branch Manager, Skipper Transport Parts – Port Hedland

Russell Dunham is the Branch Manager for the Skipper Transport Parts’ Albany branch. Russell started his career with AMCAP back in 2008 as a product picker and quickly moved through a variety of roles in the business achieving branch manager status for Covs, now known as Skipper Transport Parts.

AMCAP understands the importance for growth and success of our regional businesses and as such is heavily invested in its people, including Russell, who is currently undertaking a nationally recognised frontline management course in Albany.  Once completed, the training will help to further develop Russell’s leadership approach and overall effectiveness as a highly valued member of the Skipper Transport Parts Team.

Born in Pinjarra where his father managed a farm south of Pingrup, Russell moved to Albany at the age of 12. After finishing school, Russell worked in the shearing sheds and the local stock yards with his six sheep dogs until he started his career in the automotive industry. With eight years of industry experience under his belt, Russell is looking to further extend his knowledge base through the ever expanding product range of Skipper Transport Parts.

Spending the majority of his life in Albany, Russell brags about the luxury of his local beaches with their powdery white sand and refreshingly chilly water that’s as clean as it is crystal clear.  It’s no wonder Russell spends his spare time exploring the coastline in his 4WD fishing for bream with his wife of 13 years and his two young boys Noah (7) and Jett (3).

Located 418 km south-east of Perth, the port city of Albany is a thriving regional centre and popular tourist destination, boasting many well preserved buildings from the first settlement back in 1826.  Albany is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia and was once well known for its whaling industry in the 1950s-1970s.  Today, Albany’s main industries are tourism, fishing, timber and agriculture with a population of around 37,000.

Russell Dunham, Branch Manager, Skipper Transport Parts – Albany

hayley-sumpton-02“Working closely with the Executive General Manager, Geoff Bailey and experiencing his energy and drive continues to inspire and motivate me every day.In my role as Executive Assistant I am well supported by Geoff and encouraged to develop new skills including a Diploma of Leadership and Management which will position me to grow further in my career. I also enjoy the variety of supporting Geoff’s direct reports and assisting the administration and office functions. I can honestly say I love to coming to work because the pace is hectic and no two days are the same.

I was originally hired by Mick Turner from the Holden division three years ago on a casual basis at the V8 Supercars and when a sales and marketing role arose in his division; I was offered the job. A year later and my current role became available through a maternity leave assignment; within three months Geoff was on board and I’ve now been in this role for two years. I have certainly landed on my feet at AMCAP and not only enjoy the diversity but importantly the cultural programs in place which enable me to be an active participant in community and social events for the company”.

Hayley Sumpton, Executive Assistant.

sarah-smith-02“AMCAP is a company that actually supports and believes in their staff. I have personally developed during my six years here and continuously grow because of the opportunities that come my way. In particular I have completed a Cert II and III in business management that is helping me to progress in my role. I enjoy lots of responsibility including managing staff and developing campaigns and promotions for many brands marketed in the Coatings division.

What I find most impressive about AMCAP is the people and the management. When I approached management about raising funds for a local charity, they were on board without fuss and happy to support my initiative. I am proud to be a part of AMCAP and happy to see that we keep on growing and delivering great results to our clients. Coming from a background in food retail and originally studying to be a chef, I’m really pleased with my change in profession as AMCAP not only supports my career path but they provide an environment that is happy and friendly and where I feel part of a team”.

Sarah Smith, Administration Assistant, Coatings

adam-hilton-02“Longevity at AMCAP certainly seems to be prevalent. AMCAP is the first job I ever had after school and I’ve been here for more than seven years. I started as a picker in the warehouse and within two months learned about checking and despatching for metro deliveries. During the past years I’ve had a number of roles in the warehouse culminating in my current role as a team leader. I am grateful to be surrounded by a diverse friendly team which include two other team leaders and my staff of up to 26 people who process customer orders.

It is because of AMCAP that I have developed my skills and learnt a lot about myself. AMCAP has enabled me to boost my career and supported me through formal leadership and management programs. At AMCAP there are no limitations for growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills. No day is ever the same and, for me, it is this variety and the trust and flexibility by management that makes working at AMCAP really enjoyable”.

Adam Hilton, Order Consolidation Team Leader

brenton-madaus-02“Working at AMCAP feels like being part of one big family. Staff members respect and support one another and long serving colleagues are only too happy to share their knowledge and experience to help new team members succeed. AMCAP offers many growth and development opportunities and a chance to learn new ways to achieve the best results for our customers. I am constantly encouraged to stretch myself and improve my product knowledge and customer service skills from my initial role as a picker in the warehouse six years ago, to my customer facing role as a qualified parts interpreter. At AMCAP I have learned that it isn’t just about representing distributors and their products. I have learned that creating strong relationships with our customers is really important along with sourcing the right products the first time and arranging the most efficient delivery and despatch option to reduce our customer’s costs. With the strong support from my team I know I am in the right hands to develop myself as a future sales representative for AMCAP’s Holden Division”.

Brenton Madaus, Parts Interpreter for the Holden Division

veronica-02AMCAP presents numerous opportunities to grow on both a personal and professional level. The company has many employees that enjoy career longevity including myself with more than 13 years of service, clearly demonstrating that AMCAP is a great place to work. Working on the front counter in the distribution centre, I am regularly challenged to find random parts and products for my customers. My role is responsible for managing and training staff and also helping my team members gain their automotive parts interpreter (API) qualification. As an API, AMCAP employees can progress their careers and join other departments within the company. While I am sad to see my team leave the front counter, I’m happy for their progression and look forward to recruiting and training the next team member.

Over the years I have been strongly supported through a flexible work environment to follow personal out of work aspirations and more recently I am continuing my path to become a manager. Completing a front line management course and now participating in the company’s emerging leader’s program, empowers me to improve my skills to seek a divisional manager position at AMCAP in the future.

Veronica McCann-Pickersgill, Distribution Centre Front Counter Supervisor