How Logistics Warehouse Management Works For You

Rest easy knowing your goods are being managed effectively.

Dysfunctional warehouses are a nightmare for everyone, including visitors and clients who don’t work there and only have to look at the chaos. The idea that a business owner would entrust their products to a provider who places crystal glasses in a box under the heavy-duty audio products, is a prime example of bad planning – and it would turn anyone a shade of grey.

A good logistics warehouse management system should streamline the packaging, transportation and deliveries to clients, without a hitch; and the crystal should be nowhere near the audio equipment.

Here are several reasons why logistics warehouse management works for business owners and their clients:

Tracks performance

A good warehouse management system (WMS) will track operations throughout the warehouse and indicate where it is going well and where it needs work. Various teams oversee different departments, each of which feed into one another, so all operations need to work seamlessly together.

A logistics provider is able to effectively track products and team performance, negating the need for round-the-clock supervision of picking and packing, invoicing and distribution. This reduces your need for staff and by extension, reduces costs.

Lowers costs

Badly managed logistics warehouses need a large undertaking of staff, whereas, the right operations and systems call for fewer staff to perform the same duties, cutting costs for the company.

Streamlines and increases productivity

Warehouse management systems take the sting out of labour-intensive chores like manually recording data, locating stock, creating invoices and finding payments. Staff productivity is increased due to streamlined processes, faster order fulfilments and less errors.

Detailed stock control

Leaving manual stock control in the dust, computerised stock control is the only way to ensure the correct management of warehouse stock.

Logistics providers use WMS to automate their inventory processes, and all the details pertaining to taking delivery of products, storing them and accounting for their movements from warehouse to consumer. The system keeps track of where items are along the production line and advises management when a client’s stock needs to be replenished.

Satisfied customers

This may not fall within the management of the system, but it is the primary reason why logistics exists. Customer satisfaction creates and drives businesses. Logistics management organises, distributes and transports products to clients. This simple exercise can make or break a company’s consumer experience.

Companies want to know that they are entrusting their products, distribution and delivery to a logistics provider that puts them first; it’s what keeps satisfied companies (clients) and their consumers happy. Satisfied customers are the bottom line, which is why the correct logistics warehouse management is so essential.

Outbound logistics is the way of the future for companies who offer online shopping, which is why companies want to know that they are using logistics providers who are on top of their game.

For a company that drives innovative logistic solutions for the commercial and industrial auto sectors, contact AMCAP Distributors today. Logistic warehouse management is the foundation on which AMCAP’s 3PL and 4PL services are built. Clients are privy to tailored logistical solutions that work for them and their businesses.

AMCAP hooked on fishing!

Congratulations to the winners of the AMCAP Social Club “Fishing Day Out” raffle!

Departing Hillary’s Yacht Club at a leisurely 9am on Sunday May 7, our lucky winners were welcomed aboard “Legendre”, a 43 foot Westcoaster ex-cray boat for a day of fishing by Skipper, Neil Thomson, Client Services/Subaru Divisional Manager.  Perfect weather conditions were enjoyed on the day with the sun shining and a moderate easterly breeze promising to drop off to produce crystal clear conditions.

The girls from the warehouse were the first off the mark with Bec Bateman landing a cuttlefish which was graciously allowed to live another day. Next up was Deb Clarke catching her first ever fish which might have been a wrasse that was also returned to the ocean. It was clear that the girls had fishing skills which encouraged everyone else to perform.

Finally, the men started to tighten the drag bringing up wrasse, scorpion fish, butterfish and all manner of non-keepers. Eventually, Phil Pledger (STP) reminded everyone what we were there for landing a massive King George whiting.  The game was on and then it was Richard Creed (whose wife Kay is in Accounts) catching a flathead, Marc Russo (Holden) whiting, Paras Shah (Admin) whiting but it was Wayne Clarke who took out the honors of Catch of the Day landing a size Baldchin Groper on whiting tackle!  Great job Wayne and hopefully Sandra (canteen) will convert that into some tasty fish and chips for you both to enjoy!

Not everyone is born to be a fisherman (or fisherwoman) and it didn’t take Karan Freysen (Charl from IT’s wife) long to find a relaxing beanbag in the sun whilst enjoying a glass or two of bubbly!

So, with the business side of the day completed, the group headed for “Little Island” surrounded by happy water to enjoy a delicious BBQ burger lunch.

A great day was had by all with each of the winners going home with fish they caught plus a rod, reel and tackle box courtesy of Martin Watts, Divisional Manager, Coatings.

Pictured L-R: Richard Creed , Paras Shah, Marc Russo, Rebecca Bateman, Phil Pledger, Wayne Clarke , Karin Freysen , Charl Freysen , Debbie Clarke and the Skipper, Neil Thomson on the top deck

Subaru do a genuinely rewarding Christmas

Subaru Parts WA’s customers were vying for a trip to Fiji by purchasing parts during a Christmas promotion running through November and December in 2016.

All GetGenuine members were eligible to participate earning triple Qantas points for purchases of driveshafts, short engines, turbo chargers, suspension struts, brake pads and brake discs.

The winners were drawn on 15 March 2017 with prizes going to three of Subaru Parts WA’s customers including 1st prize.


D&T Panel
A trip to Fiji including flights, 5 nights’ accommodation and transfers for two people

2ND PRIZE: A bonus 50,000 Qantas Points

J & M Smash repairs & S Technics
$50 Coles-Myer gift cards

Pictured: L-R: D&T Panel’s Steve Lopresti, Neil Thomson (Subaru Parts WA), Tony Lopresti 

Skipper Transport Parts Easter Trading

Skipper Transport Parts WA branches would like to notify their WA customers of changes in trading hours of the Easter break.

From Good Friday until Easter Monday, all WA branches will be closed, this includes Saturday 15th April.

Normal trading will resume on Tuesday 18th April.

Happy Easter!

The Future of Logistics – Driven by Technology

Get a front row seat to all the technological developments in the logistics industry 

What’s in store for the future of logistics? Drones? Hover cars? Or better yet, instant delivery and distribution via teleportation? Could be. According to Industry Week, the global logistics market is estimated to be worth about $4 trillion a year, which represents a whopping 10% of the global GDP. The global transportation services market is also one of the fastest growing sectors, with an annual growth of 7% since 2011.

You can forgive mankind for its appetite for improving logistics with greater efficiency – as it’s a pursuit that makes the future very bright. The scope for technological advancement is virtually limitless. Read on to see what’s on the horizon and how technology will revolutionise logistics in the near future.

Why all the technological development in logistics?

Ambition has driven technological development. Similarly, though, it has been spurred on by a host of other factors, including:

  • Flexibility

With consumers relocating and increasingly mobile, meeting their requirements at multiple locations calls for improved flexibility.

  • Multi-channel shoring

From the physical store to e-commerce, consumers are sourcing their goods in a variety of new ways that need to be supported by improved supply chain management.

  • Sustainability

Today’s consumer is more environmentally conscious and prefers goods sourced in an environmentally friendly way. They are increasingly calling for sustainable resolutions that reduce the wastage of resources and negative impacts on the environment.

  • Efficiency

Superior efficiency remains a primary source of competitive advantage with leading logistic companies, reducing the risk of delays while still securing speed to market.

As for the future, the supply chain will be trimmed to optimum efficiency and almost completely autonomous. Some of the developments we can look forward to include:

  • 3D printing

Production will take place much closer to the consumer, facilitated by 3D printing. Instead of the manufacturing process happening thousands of kilometres away, goods will be printed at local production sites shortening the distance for delivery and cutting down on costs. Even goods that are needed periodically by a group of consumers, like replacement parts, can be printed as and when required.

  • Machine-to-machine integration

Machine to machine (M2M) refers to any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans. This technology will allow a greater understanding of what is occurring at any given moment in terms of the performance of machines, energy consumption, inventory levels and distribution. Management will then adjust accordingly to optimize efficiency.

  • Drone delivery

Drones have been used for picturesque aerial photography, mapping and surveying, but the future could see them decongesting traffic on the roads and delivering goods across the skies. While the loads they will be able to carry will be limited, it would be an ideal support system for first and last mile logistics.

  • Driverless vehicles

Yes, Self-Driving Vehicles (SDV) are fast becoming a reality and the implications for the logistics industry are nothing short of huge. It will usher in the era of the autonomous fleet. Benefits of this include massive cost savings on fuel and labour, and will result in less delays and accidents, reducing overall shipping costs in the process.

  • Robotic warehouse management

When human effort is exerted, there is invariably an opportunity for automated improvements to be implemented. The future could see the widespread adoption of mobile warehouse robots that manage inventory loading, unloading and transporting goods. They will be able to do so up to four times more efficiently than a human could. Amazon has already been making use of this technology through its team of Kiva robots that feature intelligent navigation to fulfil orders, and has reaped the benefits.

Third-party logistic providers (3PLs) and other logistics entities are awaiting the rollout of these new technologies, not only to increase their profit margins but to improve the customer experience. The distance between the consumer market and the goods they demand is closing fast, while the convenience factor is fast increasing.

AMCAP is an innovative logistics company with a passion for superior service delivery and technological advancements. We take great pride in providing effective solutions for the commercial and industrial auto sectors, contact AMCAP Distributors today.


Benefits to the Changing World of Logistics

From pillar to post and everything in between, and why it works for you

Transportation is the mode of moving items from one destination to the next by way of land, air or sea. Logistics is the art/science of managing and implementing how these items get to their destination.

The logistical beast has drastically evolved and now drives the world of transport. It’s the most crucial step to managing the expectations of local and international clients who send and receive anything and everything; from a pair of shoes bought online from a retailer in the same city, to a shipping container filled with Australian items set for 5th Avenue, New York, USA.

Here are a few points about how logistics has changed the world of transportation and delivery:

Tracking drivers and deliveries

Gone are the days when drivers would take a detour to visit a friend for tea before delivering packages a few hours behind schedule. Or, wondering why a driver has not returned from a shift.

Transportation management allows a logistics company to plan efficient travelling schedules, assess their drivers and monitor it all with real-time tracking software. Now you can work out the quickest delivery routes, who are the most reliable/unreliable drivers, and keep an eye on your team when they’re out on the road. The correct tracking and monitoring of your team is not only convenient, but financially prudent.

Cut costly mistakes

Manual entry is a hotbed for incorrectly calculated inventory and data, both of which can cost a company a fortune. This is the catalyst that drastically revolutionised the way internal processes work, and why companies turn to specialists and technology to do it right and help them save money.

Logistics systems track every shipment, the route, the amount of time it took, the fuel consumption, and drivers’ overtime; it also digitally calculates the invoicing and payments of each shipment. Each of these exercises, when not managed correctly, can cut into company profits and become a cash hole for bad decisions. Now; thanks to dynamic logistics, this can be avoided.

Stay one step ahead

Efficient logistics systems allow businesses to compete effectively with their competitors. These systems capture real-time data, allowing clients to see up-and-coming transportation trends. The resulting insights provide the opportunity to modify and change processes for additional streamlining and efficiency when transporting and managing inventory.

Managed inventory

Businesses that move products quickly are using logistics companies to inventory all their items, fulfil orders and control the product volumes. Now, when companies are running low on items, their logistics provider advises them before the time so the line can be restocked. This has boosted the efficiency of many businesses that have fast-moving items and demanding clients.

From the moment products enter the warehouse, they are tracked, invoiced and monitored. Their place in the warehouse, their unique barcodes, movement within the premises, when they are sold, which truck they were loaded onto, where they were delivered, to whom and when, all form part of inventory management. This has made it possible for clients to maintain efficiency and stay on top of their stock production and sales.

Outsourcing logistics to specialist providers has proved that innovative logistics gives companies the freedom to focus on their businesses, while the experts distribute, sell, and manage their products.

It’s critical to partner with the right logistics company. You need a company that understands your business and its requirements, and will smooth the way for your business’s operations, transport and service delivery.

For innovative logistics solutions that are designed for the commercial and industrial transportation industries, contact AMCAP Distributors.


Warehouse digital deliveries

AMCAP is constantly looking at ways to improve processes, increase efficiencies and optimise its supply chain operations.

Over the past 12 months, the AMCAP warehouse and logistics team has been working hard to upgrade its PDA’s to ‘sign on glass’ technology. We are now pleased to advise that the testing process is complete and the technology is now live and in full operation. By fully integrating our warehouse management system with Ontime Delivery Group, AMCAP now provides a paperless track and trace delivery service option for its customers.

There are a host of other benefits to implementing the new technology including:

• Efficient and accurate collection of data

• Precise reporting

• Electronic customer notifications

• Additional order information available to customers

Customers will soon no longer need to call customer service as they will receive electronic notifications providing details of items on orders, run time and an estimated delivery time.

Car Craft Members Incentive 2016/2017

Between October 2016 and January 2017, AHG and AMCAP ran an exciting sales incentive for all Car Craft members with the opportunity to win either a Leeuwin Estate wine and food experience or a day trip to Rottnest including 18 holes of golf.

Winners of the Leeuwin Estate wine and food experience (pictured) including return flights are:




  • Bowra Panel & Paint
  • Lombardi Group
  • Maddington Smash Repairs
  • Mandurah Panel & Paint
  • Mirage Spray Painters & Panel
  • Peter Wilkinson & Co
  • T&R’s Prestige Accident

Winners of the charter boat trip to Rottnest, gourmet luncheon and 18 holes of golf are:

  • Allens Vehicle Refinishers
  • AUS Smash
  • Balcatta Panel & Paint
  • Como Panel & Paint
  • Dalco’s Accident Repair
  • Damage Control
  • Duracraft Accident Repair
  • Gino’s Panel & Paint
  • Greive Panel Beaters
  • Ian Guppy & Co Smash Repairs
  • J&W Zarb Car Craft
  • Jandakot Accident Repair
  • Karratha Panel
  • McCarthy Panel & Paint
  • Meltham Motors Accident
  • Midland Smash Repairs
  • Modern Collision Repairs
  • Otto’s Accident Repair
  • Rockingham Accident Repair
  • Stokes & Renk Panel & Paint
  • Uneeda Tyre & Smash
  • Wanneroo Smash Repairs
  • Wayne Phipps Smash Repairs
  • West Perth Panel & Paint

We appreciate all of the Car Craft members who participated in this promotion and hope that each of the winners thoroughly enjoy their experience.

McCann Racing update

At the end of last season McCann Racing chose to sell their big 430 cubic inch motor and replace it with a GM crate motor. Despite having a winter series win over the off season, the team were still quite anxious as to how they would perform at some of the bigger tracks in Australia’s toughest Dirt Late Model series.

The Pro Dirt Series season is currently underway with six rounds down and Veronica and her team currently sit comfortably in 9th position in the championship standings.

Mid-January saw the Perth Motorplex hold the inaugural Late Model Nationals, a new blue ribbon event that drew competition from the USA and East Coast. After two nights of qualifying events, team McCann were sitting 10th highest on points which put them out of the starting position for the main event. After a gruelling 40 laps of racing, the AMCAP sponsored #50  crossed the line in 7th place, the 4th Australian across the line.

The team is very happy with its current position at this stage of the competition and are looking forward to learning more about the car and motor combination throughout the season with a view to further improve their rankings.

The coming weeks will be the busiest of the season as the USA invasion tour gets underway in Collie and Albany.  The West Australian state title is next up and will be held at the Perth Motorplex on January 28. The very next week the racing season returns to the Pro Dirt Series in Manjimup and then the team will regroup in Perth and load up to head over to Warrnambool, Victoria to compete in the Australian Late Model title.

AMCAP Social Club Year End Celebration

The team at AMCAP celebrated the end of 2016 on a high note with the Social Club Christmas Party at Fraser Suites in Perth.

The night kicked off with pre dinner drinks and canapé’s, crafted by celebrity chef Pete Evans, out on the balcony for our 90 guests on what was a perfect evening.

Mel Cooper and Neil Thomson, Social Club committee spokespeople, welcomed everyone and thanked them for their support of the club throughout 2016. Mel and Neil said “We would like to thank all the staff and their partners who attended this year’s event and in particular the Social Club members for their support throughout the year.  We hope all staff are inspired to re-join in 2017 and encourage their peers to also join to ensure the success and continued growth of the club.”

With the meal service  over, the DJ cranked up the music and everyone hit the dance floor with Ben from the Front Counter providing a lesson with his funky dance moves. The photo booth provided a fun opportunity for everyone to dress up and capture special moments throughout the night. A variety of prizes were also awarded at random, and for the best dance moves during the night.

Kim Roper and Ken Cooper each won a Crown gift voucher to the value of $500.