4PL Service Provider

Cost pressures, visibility and accountability is driving the need for strategic business process improvement.  As a 4PL service provider, AMCAP provides more authority over operational costs to effect positive change across supply chains and deliver greater economies of scale.

Working across multiple industries with proven established networks, AMCAP has the expertise and know-how to understand supply chains and source opportunities to trim and optimise to gain better control of logistics costs.

AMCAP’s analytical tools and processes assess supply chain design and performance, identify disconnects, and define the optimum supply chain design based on changing economic, market, and business conditions, and customer demand.

AMCAP services include:

  • A delivery system to suit different market conditions
  • Electronic receipt notification
  • Electronic despatch notification
  • Cyclic stocktaking
  • DG compliance
  • Cross docking
  • Ownership of inventory and supply of product
  • Procurement
  • Inventory control
  • Credit management
  • All administration functions
  • All marketing requirements
  • Training for customer base
  • Security of goods
  • KPI adherence

Key business benefits:

  • Working with specialists in the transportation, distribution and management of cargo.
  • Achieving a more efficient and cost effective supply chain performance.
  • Use of a more versatile system, which can be easily adjusted to meet business’s changing requirements and changing market conditions.
  • Increased business efficiency and profitability.
  • Better use of company resources, allowing a higher focus on core business.

As a 4PL partner, AMCAP adds value to businesses by investing in world-class capabilities and providing operational expertise to save critical capital investment for core operations.