Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

As a fully integrated logistics provider, AMCAP understands the complex asset management requirements of the commercial vehicle and industrial sectors.

AMCAP takes a multi-faceted approach to optimise the output of assets. Utilising the company’s technical knowledge, industry expertise, high quality processes and systems, and access to an extensive supplier network and sizeable product range, AMCAP creates added value and increases efficiencies to positively affect client’s outcomes.

Warehousing and storage

AMCAP’s inventory management services system (IMS) enable efficient management, accurate invoicing and reliable distribution of products tailored to specific client requirements utilising radio frequency technology.

Comprehensive inventory reporting is generated and available in electronic and print form to provide a complete assessment of assets.

The IMS reordering mechanism operates on the min/max method, forecast or a combination of both with cyclic stocktaking a valued advantage to inventory management in either AMCAP’s warehouse or a client’s warehouse.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Improve inventory management by adopting VMI to more accurately control product distribution.

AMCAP will take full responsibility for client products, managing the entire supply chain, ensuring assets are optimally maintained and efficiently handled at all times via cloud based technology.

Whether goods are in storage units, in and out of trucking vehicles or delivery and pick up, AMCAP oversees and tracks the constant flow of client’s goods.

Regular asset management reports are generated and shared with the manufacturer providing real-time inventory monitoring to improve scheduling of operations.

Consignment solutions

AMCAP provides mutually beneficial consignment inventory services to clients holding stock of products with payment received upon sale of goods.

The ‘shared-risk’ system is designed to benefit all parties and ultimately secure additional sales without clients taking all of the risk. AMCAP manages the process via cloud based technology, making it easy to stay abreast of consigned inventories at all times.

Fleet management solutions

AMCAP’s flexible fleet management solutions provide customisable analysis to maximise time equipment is on the road through preventative maintenance schedules, electronic tracking of parts, labour and all other facets of maintenance.

Fleet inventory management including parts availability and pricing, parts usage history and replenishment, tracking of goods and simplified purchasing processes deliver increased control of assets and reduce operational costs.

Increased efficiencies are gained through AMCAP’s fleet workshop management solutions which provide equipment identification and tracking, customised maintenance schedules, productivity effectiveness and recording of all sublet work.

Procurement solutions

AMCAP offers the convenience of PunchOut catalogue technology providing a streamlined and automated purchasing process to increase productivity.

Simplified product searching with access to product availability in real-time and the associated discounts and delivery costs, help to automate and optimise the purchase cycle and maximise the input of resources.

AMCAP has access to 1800 vendors and more than 350,000 products and is capable of sourcing unique, hard-to-get stock items. With long term and extensive supplier relationships, no product is too difficult to find.

Vending machines

AMCAP provides the latest vending machine equipment to ensure the supply of operations with PPE, safety and other consumables 24/7.

With a fully integrated supply chain, receive greater reporting on individual usage and improved accountability, less product waste and the ability to record and back-charge contractors.