Pick and Pack Warehousing

Pick and Pack Logistics

AMCAP provides highly comprehensive delivery systems in Australia and is a specialist provider of pick and pack solutions to a wide range of companies.

Managing both the pick and pack logistics along with customer service, the AMCAP team will handle all customer enquiries efficiently and politely.

AMCAP has the expertise, facilities and the technology to ensure client goods are sorted quickly and accurately with key tracking information collected along the way.

AMCAP’s efficient services ensure:

  • Metropolitan customers can receive up to five deliveries per day.
  • Major regional customers receive two per day.
  • Country customers receive next day (Early AM).
  • Above Port Hedland, clients will receive within two days.

In addition:

  • AMCAP operates dedicated 2-tonne vans throughout the metropolitan area plus 6-tonne trucks.
  • Large parts and stock orders are delivered via AMCAP trucks.
  • AMCAP provides a workable and affordable solution for all delivery requirements.
  • National distribution services are provided with spare parts delivered overnight to any destination within Australia.

The advantages of distributing products from AMCAP’s Western Australia operation:

  • Cheaper freight rates (backload rates).
  • Time zone (greater hour’s coverage for orders etc.).