Will our data remain private?

100%! We do not share your company’s warehousing or movement data with anyone.

I don’t have an account with AMCAP. Who do I speak to?

No problem! Call +61 8 93516671 and ask for our accounts team.

Will I lose control of my delivery process?

No. Our modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Freight Management System (FMS) allow us to track and know exactly where your orders and shipments are from the time of order placement until delivery to the end customer.

When you call AMCAP, your call will be answered by a person in our office to quickly handle any question or inquiry.

Can AMCAP save my company money?

Yes. As experts in distribution and warehousing, we operate efficiently and assume the administrative, as well as the physical roles of storage and delivery.

By providing a reliable efficient service, with fixed costs and knowing how to manage high levels of service to your clients we routinely lower our client’s delivery costs.

What are AMCAP’s service areas?

AMCAP services most of Australia.

If you are unsure if we serve a specific area, please call us and ask.

What industries benefit from 3PL services?

Most companies that have daily needs, or infrequent needs, for the delivery of their products can benefit from third party logistics.

What is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Service?

An outsourced service provided by a company that specialises in transporting, warehousing and scheduling of the delivery of goods owned by others. They complement or replace a companies internal logistics operation with a cost effective and efficient alternative.

A 3PL provider.

  • Takes physical possession of goods to be delivered
  • Arranges the appropriate delivery method or mode of transportation
  • Arranges schedules and handles all operational tasks associated with the delivery process

These services may be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis.

What are the overall advantages to using AMCAP?

Customers enjoy the benefits of relieving themselves of expensive infrastructure, personnel and administrative hassles while standardising delivery costs, and increasing efficiency.