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Midlife Service Kits

AMCAP’s Midlife Kits are a flexible solution that has provided our customers with a  superior level of reliability of having the replacement parts and components available to you on time, saving you money and maximising asset availability and  increasing your productivity.

There are a number of benefits that you will realise:

  • 1 unique material number instead of over 50-100+ material numbers to manage when undertaking a midlife;
  • Logistic cost savings through handling and transport of a single line item; Accuracy and consolidation of all the parts into a kit delivered via AMCAP’s quality  assured “3 step check, pick and pack process”;
  • Parts and components are stored and located into high density storage systems for ease of finding or work process and checking off;
  • Reduction in damage of parts and components, especially gaskets and high dollar value items as they are all securely packed in the drawers;
  • Core Returns are made simpler when they are able to be put back into the cabinets and returned back to AMCAP for processing thus saving costs;
  • Our excavator midlife cabinets are able to be lifted onto the excavator’s platform for ease and safe access.
  • Heavy components such as turbo chargers, water pumps etc. are shipped in customized wooden boxes minimizing risk of personal injury as opposed to cardboard packaging.
  • Improve site labour efficiencies.