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5 Challenges of Managing your Company’s Distribution

Having your own business comes with many pros and cons, you get to work hard and build your empire while reaping the rewards. However, one thing all business owners can agree on is the amount of stress that owning your own company comes with. This is especially prevalent for businesses where sales and delivery are the focus. There are many challenges you have to deal with when handling your own distribution, which is why it is recommended that you hire a professional distribution company to take care of everything.

Here are 5 common difficulties companies encounter:

  1. Communication breakdown

You can minimise the amount of communication channels by hiring a specialist distribution company. Take into account the marketing and selling of a product, the client and the delivery, and you’ll realise that there are many different channels where communication can be hindered. There may be a time difference, language barriers, technological impairments or simple human error that can be the cause of a message not being delivered correctly or accurately. By cutting out some of the channels, you smooth out the communication process.

  1. Insufficient storage

If you’re handling your own distribution, do you own your own warehouse? If so, is there sufficient space to allow for expansion or increased demand should the need arise? You also need to consider the security factor. You will always worry about whether your goods are safe, and the perfect way to minimise this stress is to use a distribution company that has ample secure warehousing with 24-hour monitoring.

  1. Delivery admin

Dealing with delivery admin can be a huge problem. Capturing client data and managing a courier company or your own vehicles will cause more stress than peace of mind. You can save money and be known for a more efficient service if you hand this facet of your distribution over to a company that has a streamlined process already in place.

  1. Keeping abreast of inventory

Unless you have an excellent inventory management system that only requires the time of a few employees, you are wasting time and money. In the day-to-day operation of your business, it is imperative that you maximise your resources, which in turn, maximises your profits.

  1. Managing data

With every part of your business, you are responsible for taking care of all documentation and captured data. Whether the information is in a digital format or a physical printed format, keeping track of documentation and files just clutter your brain and add to the pile of admin you already have to deal with.

Face it… these are challenges you could do without.

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