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AMCAP Sponsors Red Hot Racing Team

AMCAP Sponsors Red Hot Racing Team

AMCAP’s Veronica McCann, Distribution Centre Front Counter Supervisor, is back in the driver seat of her very own Late Model and striving for the Australian Title. For those of us unfamiliar with the sport, Late Model sedan racing commenced in Australia in 1997 adopting identical car specifications to the popular United Dirt Track Racing Association series in the USA. A Late Model is a rolling anachronism; a noisy, powerful, fragile, ill- tempered beast that’s a handful to drive.

Since the age of nine, Veronica has had a passion for car racing and it turned out she was pretty good at it. In her early years she started racing on the east coast before moving to Perth and driving sprint cars where she was talent spotted by former Indy Car Driver, Lyn St James and awarded a scholarship in the United States. “Lyn mentored me as I tried to make the switch from dirt track racing to pavement racing which was only possible in the US. With the support of AMCAP throughout my thirteen years of service, I was able to fly overseas at a moment’s notice and was always welcomed back to work.”

As is the case with many professional athletes, Veronica had her fair share of injuries. After five years off racing and two spinal surgeries later, she had to retrain her body to undergo the rigour of competitive racing. Affectionately and respectfully dubbed the “princess of power”, Veronica is back after 12 months of intense physical training and raring to take on the field, driving the number 16, and proudly sponsored by AMCAP.

Asked about her new venture, Veronica said “I had always driven for someone else, whether that be my parents or another car owner, this is my first time to own and run a team. Although I had a limited season in a dirt Late Model approximately eight years ago, the cars have completely changed since then. We are working with some very knowledgeable people on car setup which is the tricky part. As for what I expected from this season, I race for overall championship standings so we try to be consistent and move forward at every race meeting. Unfortunately, we have missed two rounds of the championship this season which has hurt us on points but our focus is on the Australian Title which will be held at West Australia’s premier track, The Perth Motorplex, in January next year.

Those in the know have high expectations for Veronica’s success and we look forward to cheering her and the Red Hot Racing Team on and seeing her name at the top of the race score sheets.