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Benefits to the Changing World of Logistics

From pillar to post and everything in between, and why it works for you

Transportation is the mode of moving items from one destination to the next by way of land, air or sea. Logistics is the art/science of managing and implementing how these items get to their destination.

The logistical beast has drastically evolved and now drives the world of transport. It’s the most crucial step to managing the expectations of local and international clients who send and receive anything and everything; from a pair of shoes bought online from a retailer in the same city, to a shipping container filled with Australian items set for 5th Avenue, New York, USA.

Here are a few points about how logistics has changed the world of transportation and delivery:

Tracking drivers and deliveries

Gone are the days when drivers would take a detour to visit a friend for tea before delivering packages a few hours behind schedule. Or, wondering why a driver has not returned from a shift.

Transportation management allows a logistics company to plan efficient travelling schedules, assess their drivers and monitor it all with real-time tracking software. Now you can work out the quickest delivery routes, who are the most reliable/unreliable drivers, and keep an eye on your team when they’re out on the road. The correct tracking and monitoring of your team is not only convenient, but financially prudent.

Cut costly mistakes

Manual entry is a hotbed for incorrectly calculated inventory and data, both of which can cost a company a fortune. This is the catalyst that drastically revolutionised the way internal processes work, and why companies turn to specialists and technology to do it right and help them save money.

Logistics systems track every shipment, the route, the amount of time it took, the fuel consumption, and drivers’ overtime; it also digitally calculates the invoicing and payments of each shipment. Each of these exercises, when not managed correctly, can cut into company profits and become a cash hole for bad decisions. Now; thanks to dynamic logistics, this can be avoided.

Stay one step ahead

Efficient logistics systems allow businesses to compete effectively with their competitors. These systems capture real-time data, allowing clients to see up-and-coming transportation trends. The resulting insights provide the opportunity to modify and change processes for additional streamlining and efficiency when transporting and managing inventory.

Managed inventory

Businesses that move products quickly are using logistics companies to inventory all their items, fulfil orders and control the product volumes. Now, when companies are running low on items, their logistics provider advises them before the time so the line can be restocked. This has boosted the efficiency of many businesses that have fast-moving items and demanding clients.

From the moment products enter the warehouse, they are tracked, invoiced and monitored. Their place in the warehouse, their unique barcodes, movement within the premises, when they are sold, which truck they were loaded onto, where they were delivered, to whom and when, all form part of inventory management. This has made it possible for clients to maintain efficiency and stay on top of their stock production and sales.

Outsourcing logistics to specialist providers has proved that innovative logistics gives companies the freedom to focus on their businesses, while the experts distribute, sell, and manage their products.

It’s critical to partner with the right logistics company. You need a company that understands your business and its requirements, and will smooth the way for your business’s operations, transport and service delivery.

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