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Cheat Time and Keep Your Car Running Longer

Follow our hints and tips to make your car last longer

Your car is your pride and joy, and like your offspring, the thought of parting ways with anything you love can be a gut-wrenching experience. We can help your car cheat time, allowing you to get the best out of your four-wheeled companion for longer. Read our list of easy-to-follow hints and tips, and extend the life of your four-wheeled companion.

Replace worn tires and rims

The level of attention you should pay to your tyres isn’t just reserved for Formula 1 cars. The condition of your tyres has far-reaching consequences for your car and its performance. It affects handling, fuel consumption and a host of other functions that require grip, balance and acceleration. Keep your tyres in good condition and your car will repay you with better performance and longevity.

Check and change your oil routinely

Out of sight and mind is an approach that is very short lived – the same applies to your oil and filters. Keep in mind that every time you drive, the oil is being used and circulated, gradually losing its mineral purity. When you keep tabs on your oil and make the necessary changes, your car will perform that much better for longer.

Keep your car spick and span

Your car goes through a lot of punishment, from weather to bugs and bird faeces. Keeping your car clean isn’t just for cosmetic purposes; it could very well save you from having to pay for a paint job in the future – which isn’t cheap. We know it can feel like a hassle, however, like your clothes, your car is an extension of you, so keep it clean and let your vehicle make a lasting impression.

Short isn’t always sweet

Cars are meant to make getting from A to B that much easier, but we often take that to extremes, driving when we could be walking. While we can understand the reasoning behind this, it can have some very adverse effects on your vehicle. How so? Your car is unable to reach its optimum operating temperature over a very short distance so the water from the engine combustion stays in the engine, leading to rust and further dilution of the oil. If ever there was an excuse for getting some extra exercise, preserving your car would be it.

Don’t neglect your car battery

It may not be the most expensive component in your car but it plays an important role nonetheless. Neglecting your battery’s condition can cause a host of issues, including excessive acid deposits on the terminals. This results in poor voltage and performance. If you’re uncertain about battery care, read “How to extend your car battery’s life”.

Your car might not last forever and it will eventually get run down, but its lifespan doesn’t have to be shorter than it should. Take care of your vehicle and it will be sure to take care of you. The key is to be meticulous and pay attention. It’s worth the effort and will save you a pretty penny.

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