News / Giving Hands to Zonta House Refuge Association

Giving Hands to Zonta House Refuge Association

A group of AMCAP staff spent a full day assisting Zonta House Refuge Association with maintenance work at one of their properties.  Gardening, rubbish removal, cleaning, painting and pruning were some of the work done to the property.  Zonta’s maintenance person only works 8 hours per week and to do the amount of work completed in one day would have taken weeks to schedule and complete.

“It all went pretty well. We all did a good job, and everyone was busy doing something. At the end you could definitely see the improvement on the house” said volunteer Liliana Arbelaez.

Well done to all the volunteers (left to right): Cindy Zhang, Liliana Arbelaez, Neil Jensen, Zac Holbrook, Elaine Tomlin, Paul Cutiar, Stacey Grace and Adam Hilton for going the extra mile to our community.