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Popular automotive brands you should know

As a leading supplier and distributor of auto parts throughout Australia, and with more than 45 years in the industry, AMCAP knows a thing or two about the local automotive sector. They have established themselves as the go-to place for reliable, high-quality auto products and accessories, but they rely on a host of well-known auto brands for their success.

AMCAP’s leadership realised early on that in order to succeed, they would have to form good relationships with related brands. Since that decision was made, they have worked closely with many well-known, and some lesser so, brands, but AMCAP still demands the same kind of service and product quality from their suppliers as they always have.
They still deal with multiple brands, but they do so with complete confidence in their suppliers’ products and service. These are some of the brands they are currently working with, all of them well known in the automotive industry.

Holden is an Australian household name in the local auto industry. With over 200 dealerships, 150-year history, and having manufactured more than 24 different models, is one of the biggest brands in the local automotive field. A truly Australian vehicle and company, with superb support and back up when called on.
That’s why AMCAP works so close with Holden, ensuring that their many drivers can get genuine parts when they need them.

ACDelco is another global giant in the car parts and accessories industry. Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, the company has built up an international reputation as a global leader with a strong heritage in the automotive replacement parts industry.

While Subaru is an international brand, their credibility also extends to their suppliers. Subaru Parts WA, operates out of the AMCAP distribution warehouse in Welshpool, and is an accredited distributor of genuine Subaru automotive parts throughout Western Australia.

Genuine Ford parts and accessories are supplied by Lynford Welshpool, who is the state distributor for genuine Ford parts; a company that more than adequately represents the world’s oldest automobile company.

Whether you are sourcing original equipment or looking for genuine, often hard to find, Ford vehicle parts, Motorcraft is one of the best there is. Their attention to detail and efficient service make them another proud brand ambassador for Ford.

Skipper Transport Parts
When it comes to fleet management solutions, Skipper Transport Parts is a premium supplier of truck, trailer and bus parts, servicing Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

These are just some of the trusted brands in the automotive industry that AMCAP works closely with, but there are a number of other brands that AMCAP also relies on, they include:
• 3M
• Chief Automotive
• Narva
• Donaldson
• Fleetguard
• Bendix
• Fuchs
• Kromex

No matter what the brand, AMCAP chooses each one carefully, knowing that their own company relies on their selected brands to properly service their clients. By ensuring that they only work with brands, who are not only established, but have a proven record of excellence, AMCAP ensures that they can keep providing the highest service possible to their customers.