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Reasons to Use a 3PL Provider

Streamline your inventory process and deliveries, with outsourced logistics

There are many benefits to outsourcing logistics to a company that focusses solely on providing complete solutions for assembly, inventory and warehousing. Any company that has ever used third party logistics solutions will tell you about its extensive benefits; it allows managers to focus on staff, their productivity and client care, while product packaging, delivery and stock take are taken care of by a qualified outside source.

Why do you need to consider 3PL for your business? Here’s why:


Given the nature of the industry, 3PL providers are privy to a large network of supply chains allowing them to receive bulk discounts that smaller businesses do not have access to. Unless you head up a conglomerate that buys huge amounts of packaging materials, and own a fleet of trucks to deliver these volumes, you’re looking at extensive costs to package and transport your goods. You can outsource those practices and reduce your overhead costs.

Save Money

3PL providers save you money thanks to their large network base who sometimes offer discounts on some accounts. However, time is also money, and with you handing over the delivery reins to another company, you are able to focus more on your clients. It also negates the need to rent warehouse space, hire staff to do packaging and deliveries, and invest in equipment. Not to mention the billing, auditing and general paperwork required for this kind of job.


Outsourcing to 3PL providers means you’re also courting more efficiency. Logistics specialists have distribution centres all over, which allows for the fast shipping of goods thanks to their streamlined processes. Your company also doesn’t need to deal with internal inventory issues pertaining to finding courier services that will act efficiently with trustworthy documents, fragile products, and overall client care because your 3PL logistics company will do the deliveries themselves. To a specialised 3PL service, you are their priority and so are your clients. Getting to them on time keeps them, and you, happy.


As transport and courier rules change, you don’t need to keep on top of them. It is the job of the 3PL to stay up to date with the latest news in logistics, and to ensure that your requirements are fully met regarding the packaging and delivery of your inventory stock. This way there are no surprises waiting for you when you send deliveries through a company that you use twice a year.

The overall benefits of using 3PL providers cannot be disputed. Your goods are carefully packaged and transported, either when you call, or at set times on set days. You don’t need to follow up to ensure the job gets done because it will get done.

Maximise your company potential and stick with an experienced and professional 3PL company that has led the way in taking care of company logistics for more than 45 years.