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Tips to Maintain your Vehicle Fleet

Owning a vehicle fleet comes with a lot of responsibility. Whether you’ve employed someone to take care of your vehicles, or you’re doing it yourself as a company owner, there is no denying the importance of regular maintenance. Over the years, we’ve learnt a series of checks that you need to complete to ensure you’re not costing the company in the long run.

Here is a checklist to make sure you’re doing the best possible job to look after your trucks and cars:

  1. Do routine checks on all vehicles

    If vehicles are being used daily, whether it is one driver per vehicle or many drivers – you need to do a thorough check of the vehicle before it leaves your premises. Check the mileage to calculate accurate fuel consumption and route planning. Be sure to check the tidiness of the vehicle as well as any damage to the exterior. Drivers should be held liable for any damages they incur while a vehicle is in their care. By checking vehicles before leaving and upon return, you will be able to keep track of these crucial aspects.

  2. Invest in tracking devices

    Tracking devices have become extremely dynamic. Now, trackers reveal more than just where a vehicle is located. You can gain insight into the how a vehicle is being driven by looking at information such as the speed and the braking pressure to the recklessness of taking a turn and even distance between other cars. By monitoring this, you will be able to hold drivers accountable for damages and it will assist with the next point on the list.

  3. Let go of dangerous drivers

    Dangerous drivers will not only cost you unnecessary money in damages but they will also damage your brand as a whole. Other drivers on the road may be potential customers – if they notice your drivers speeding, missing stop signs and running red lights then they will associate your brand with the same carelessness. Make sure all your drivers are aware that when they drive your company’s vehicles, they are giving a true representation of your brand and uphold its reputation.

  4. Plan driver routes beforehand

    By planning specific routes for your drivers to adhere to, you can avoid certain roads that may cause damage to your vehicles. This includes roads with many potholes, which can damage your wheel alignment, busy roads, which require more braking or rough surfaced roads, which could damage your tyres.

  5. Be wary of the weather

    If all your vehicles park inside a garage or building, then this does not apply to you. However, like most companies, if your vehicles park outdoors, it is best to get individual car covers or invest in a carport to protect your vehicles from heavy rain, hail, and strong winds.

  6. Train drivers often

    Maintaining your fleet is not just about your actual vehicles, it is also about the drivers that drive them. Make sure you provide regular training for your drivers to ensure they use the best possible practices – at all times – when operating your vehicles.

Did you find these tips helpful? Keep them handy to maintain a healthy industrial vehicle fleet. At AMCAP we have a professional team of distributors who would love to hear from you and have your business’ reputation in mind.

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