News / Veronica McCann 2015/2016 Pro Dirt wrap up

Veronica McCann 2015/2016 Pro Dirt wrap up

Veronica McCann 2016

There is a common saying in motorsport “I’d rather be lucky than good”, and that was all too true for team McCann’s season’s effort in the 20015/16 Pro Dirt Series.

Engine issues hindered the team’s start to the season which automatically put them out of the running for the series. Given the competitive nature of the sport, it is important to complete as many rounds possible.

The team subsequently made a decision to focus their efforts on the Perth Motorplex where the 2016 national title was being held in January. After qualifying in the top half of the 50 car field the team’s night ended on night one with a badly damaged car. Fast forward a few weeks, and after a huge effort to get the car back on track, the team finally found some form but that is unfortunately where their luck completely ran out.

A solid night of qualifying in the second last Pro Dirt round saw Veronica involved in a season-ending hit that was unavoidable. The damage sustained this season to the car is something that would be unfortunate to happen over a 10 year period, and they managed to have it happen twice in the one season which is just pure bad luck.

The team completed a total of five Pro Dirt rounds plus the national title which ranked them just inside the top 20 final season point score in position 19th.

The Perth Speed Festival was a highlight for the team where they were able to show the fans of all things motorsport what Late Model racing is all about then have the car in a static display for the remainder of the event.

AMCAP proudly sponsored Veronica and her team for the season and look forward to round one in October with a brand new car and engine combination.