Inventory Management

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Vendor management and consignment inventory

We provide an inventory management services system, which will ensure the most efficient management, invoicing and distribution of your products. The system runs on a Fujitsu mainframe and offers a full range of reports on request. These reports can be generated and sent electronically or as hard copies, depending on your preference. In addition, our system can operate on min/max, forecast or a combination of both. Cyclic stocktaking is an additional advantage to the system. Contact us today to find out more.

Radio frequency (RF) based technology 

Radio frequency (RF) based technology ensures “Real Time” inventory visibility and accuracy, providing your business with multiple benefits including:

  • Inbound consignment details are available on the system at the point of dispatch from the supplier.
  • Products arriving are scanned onto the system prior to unpacking.
  • Product volumes are confirmed as they are scanned into the warehouse location.
  • Pick/dispatch products are scanned out.
  • Continuous “on line” visibility is available via internet or web enabled connections.

Warehouse inventory management

With our experienced staff using the latest software, we will implement an effective system to manage your inventory. This will remove the worry and hassle for you and ensure your peace of mind that your inventory is being managed by specialists. Whether you are moving small or large volumes of stock, we’ll ensure everything is accurately recorded and safely stored, and our tracking system will make it easy to find anything when need be. This will allow you to get on with your core business while we take care of all your warehouse inventory management requirements.

Whether you keep your products in our or your warehouse, our staff will provide regular reports to keep you up to date, and provide an efficient invoicing and distribution system. This will help you maintain complete control of your products, from warehouse to final destination.

At AMCAP, we understand that each client has a unique business with their own special needs which is why we will tailor a system to suit your exact requirements.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor-managed inventory means the company takes full responsibility for your products, managing the entire supply chain. This will ensure that your inventory is optimally maintained and efficiently handled at all times. The manufacturer, who will still generate purchase orders, will receive regular reports and be regularly updated, being kept in the know without the worry of managing the process.

Consignment Inventory

Consignment inventory allows your customers to hold stock of your products, but only pay you once those products have been sold. These products are technically still owned by the supplier, until sold, when payment then becomes due.

This system of “shared risk” is designed to benefit all parties and ultimately secure additional sales, without the retailer taking all the risk. We provide a service whereby we manage this process, making it easy for you to stay abreast of your consigned inventories at all times.

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