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Types of Warehousing

Get to know the different types of warehousing

With over four decades serving the automotive and industrial industries, we have a wealth of experience delivering professional and reliable warehousing and distribution services across Australia. After 45 years of working for a host of valued clients, we’ve learnt just about all there is to know about warehousing, including the different types. Contact us to discuss the best options for quality warehousing.

types of warehouses

What is warehousing?

It’s the premises, building or place where goods and inventory are stored. After manufacture, there is a need to store the product until it is distributed to the customer or end-user. A significant factor in this process is demand. It is important to note that warehousing does not refer exclusively to storage but also includes activities such as receiving, identifying, holding, assembling and packaging.

Types of warehousing

  • Private warehouse

Owned and operated by channel suppliers and resellers, this type of warehouse is used by a business for its own distribution activities, with the company enjoying complete control over all activities that take place. Usually, a firm uses a warehouse when it has stock to distribute to its clients, whether they are wholesale or retail.

  • Public warehouse

This type of warehouse is operated by professionals. We offer our services to many firms, including those with private warehouses who might need additional space. The space is usually made available in response to the short-term distribution needs of the retailer.

  • Automated warehouse

While this type of warehouse still requires the involvement of people, it relies primarily on computer technology and machinery. Warehouses of this nature exist in differing degrees of automation, from just a small conveyor belt to a fully automated facility.

  • Climate-controlled warehouse/cold storage

Warehouses have evolved to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of products. These warehouses have been engineered to handle the storage requirements of frozen products, sensitive computers and even flowers. They are also designed to address the need for frequent inventory movement, particularly in the case of perishable stock.

  • Distribution centre

While stock is expected to move within every warehouse structure, there are some warehouses where this storage is more short term than others. These specific warehouses serve the important function of receiving stock from a large variety of suppliers, storing them safely but with easy access, and then shipping them out quickly to their respective destinations.

  • Dockyard warehouses

These warehouses are primarily located along shipping docks or in close proximity to coastal cities with ports. They are designed to store and maintain inventory until they need to be loaded or unloaded from ships.

  • Consolidated warehouses

Receiving goods and inventory in varying quantities, these warehouses cater to different manufacturers and suppliers. Inventory arrives in crates, and is converted into smaller shipments for receipt by customers.

  • Value adding warehouses

When goods enter these types of warehouses, they are altered with an addition being made to their physical appearance. Inventory is labelled and repacked, resulting in an increase in the quotable price of these goods.

Depend on us

Whether in our facilities or client warehouses, we specialise in providing hardware and software solutions designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of all your warehouse operations. Tailored strategies are crafted and implemented to assist production, inventory flow and time management, ensuring a smooth operation for your warehouse. Rest assured, we’ll provide you with a solution that helps manage your resources in a safe, secure and efficient environment.

Our warehouse operations cover a range of disciplines:

  • Separate dangerous goods storage, handling and delivery
  • Conventional palletised goods receipt storage and delivery
  • Cross-docking
  • Secure high value pick and pack
  • Non-palletised and unusual shape picking utilising specialised equipment

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