NAIDOC Week at AMCAP with Kevin Bynder

July 5, 2022

NAIDOC Week at AMCAP with Kevin Bynder

AMCAP commissioned local Indigenous artist Kevin Bynder to create an art piece which told a story around AMCAP’s areas of business. The piece entitled ‘6 Nuyngar Seasons’ shows the seasons around where AMCAP conducts business. This piece was then transferred to the polo shirts and produced for AMCAP staff to wear during NAIDOC week.

National NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia in the first week of July each year (Sunday to Sunday), to celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nation culture, history and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth.

Through our Go the Extra Mile Program, AMCAP’s aim is to encourage authentic conversations amongst peers around diversity, inclusion and cultural understanding. To kick off these conversations AMCAP held a morning tea on Monday 4th July, inviting local Indigenous artist Kevin Bynder to join us and talk about himself and his artwork. We also had another guest speaker from one of our long-standing customers share their story with staff. All Good Grub provided a selection of foods infused with native ingredients that identified as bushtukka inspired food for staff to enjoy. Read the story behind Kevin Bynders artwork below.

6 Nuyngar Seasons – by Kevin Bynder.

6 Seasons are what my ancestors lived by. With these seasons they would travel with them to find food, shelter and tell stories. We have survived 60,000+ yrs because of this. The seasons are:
Birak: Dec-Jan. 1st summer. Move to the coast, wind is cooler plenty of fish and crab.
Bunuru: Feb-March. 2nd Summer. Easterly breeze has arrived start to stock fruit, berries and meat.
Stay close to the coast.
Djeran: April-May. Cool down season. Black Cockatoos are starting to flock. Rain coming Make our way towards the inland lakes. Make permanent shelters or retreat to old caves.
Makauru: June- July. Wind coming from the coast, wet season is upon us, stay put inland and wait for the rivers and lakes to fill.
Djilba: Aug-Sept. Season of plenty. Cold mornings and sunny days. Waterholes are full, lakes are full, easy to hunt for kangaroos, goanna and emu. Berries and plants ready to eat.
Kambaraang: Oct-Nov. Rain easing of, weather is starting to warm up. Wind still cool in the morning, slightly warm during the day. Get ready to move to the coast, stock up on berries, damper and meat.

The middle ochre colours represent the Pilbara region and the desert areas in which AMCAP have work.