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3PL Services


For more than 50 years, AMCAP has been providing specialist distribution, warehouse management, inventory management, third party logistics and fourth party logistics services to Australia’s automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial sectors.

We work with customers to understand specific needs and to deliver the most customised strategic logistics model to suit business requirements. AMCAP’s warehousing and logistics solutions provide increased capacity, lower costs and higher service levels.

You can rely on AMCAP’s passionate and capable team to strive to deliver a 10/10 experience every time.  Tailored advanced technologies are deployed throughout AMCAP’s modern facilities to handle all requirements. We work towards strict time schedules to ensure all deadlines are met and we take full responsibility for client products from receipt until delivery to our customers.


Increase productivity by allowing us to take care of all your transport requirements. In the automotive and industrial markets especially, all company resources and team members are required on the job in order to maximise output.  AMCAP can manage assessments, route designs and freight costs to optimise operations.

Warehousing and storage

Whether in AMCAP’s facilities or client warehouses, we specialise in providing hardware and software solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of all your warehouse operations. To ensure smooth warehouse operations, we identify and implement strategies to assist production, inventory flow and time management. Our warehousing and storage solutions help manage resources as well as people in a safe and secure environment.

AMCAP’s own paperless warehousing system is a fully functioning RF system which allows for direct interface and reporting with customers and supports the effective and efficient management of inventory and order picking.

This methodology allows your products to be received, checked and dispatched within an hour if required. We operate a continuous pick operation with client orders accepted and processed up to 30 minutes prior to delivery departure which provides an exceptional responsive service to clients.

AMCAP’s warehouse operations cover a range of disciplines:

  • Separate dangerous goods storage, handling and delivery
  • Conventional palletised goods receipt storage and delivery
  • Cross docking
  • Secure high value pick and pack
  • Non palletised and unusual shape picking utilising specialised equipment


Tracking is a critical factor when measuring deliverables and keeping abreast of the constant influx of goods leaving and entering storage of a warehouse.

Whether tracking inventory or documents, the process is crucial to the data management system of business. AMCAP assists by customising a tracking solution to suit company specifications that works to its full potential.