Driving Safety Forward: AMCAP Automotive Parts Sponsors ADAS Training for AASDN WA

November 15, 2023

In a significant stride towards enhancing automotive safety, AMCAP Automotive Parts proudly sponsored an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) training session for the Australian Automotive Service Dealers Network (AASDN WA) on November 7th. As a preferred Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier to the AASDN group, consisting of 53 independent automotive and electrical repairers, AMCAP Automotive Parts reaffirms its commitment to excellence by actively contributing to industry knowledge and safety.


Highlights from the ADAS Training Session:

The training session provided a comprehensive overview of the latest ADAS technologies and their impact on road safety. Industry experts shared valuable insights, making it an enriching experience for participants. To catch a glimpse of the event, visit our Facebook page https://tinyurl.com/56ju6umu.


Exploring AASDN WA and ADAS:

For those unfamiliar with AASDN WA, it’s a network of 53 independent automotive and electrical repairers dedicated to providing top-notch service. Learn more about their mission and services on their website ttps://aasdnwa.com.au/. If you’re intrigued by the world of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, explore further on the ADAS website https://adaswa.net.au/contact-us/.


The Impact of ADAS on Driving Safety:

ADAS technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing car and road safety, potentially preventing or mitigating up to 60% of all traffic injuries. Forward collision prevention and lane-keeping assist are just a few examples of how ADAS is revolutionizing driver and passenger safety.


Looking Forward: A Safer Automotive Future:

As we reflect on this ADAS training session, AMCAP Automotive Parts is excited about the future of automotive safety. The knowledge gained doesn’t just benefit those directly involved but contributes to creating safer roads for the broader community. We look forward to continued collaboration with organizations like AASDN WA to drive safety forward.