News / Industrial Relations Minister launches new workplace safety reformation laws at AMCAP

Industrial Relations Minister launches new workplace safety reformation laws at AMCAP

AMCAP was pleased to host the Minister for Industrial Relations, the Hon. Bill Johnston’s press conference to launch new Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws on the 30th March 2022 after winning a Work Health and Safety Excellence Award last year for Best Solution to a Work Health and Safety Risk. (

The Awards recognise outstanding innovations and solutions to specific workplace health and safety issues by individuals, groups or organisations. AMCAP Distribution Centre won the award for devising a safer way of delivering maintenance parts through an integrated kitting solution.

The new laws will help to reduce the terrible toll of workplace injuries and deaths in the community. They modernise WA’s outdated workplace safety laws, which are more than thirty years old, and bring together most of WA’s industries under one Act with three separate sets of regulations that prescribe how the Act’s requirements are to be applied.

The laws are based on the national harmonised model, meaning that companies that operate across Australia will have similar obligations and requirements in each State and Territory.

“Under the new laws, there will be greater protection for WA workers with the capture of modern workplace relationships such as subcontractors and gig economy workers and the introduction of the term “person conducting a business or undertaking” – or PCBU – that broadens the holder of the duty of care beyond the traditional employer-employee relationship” Johnston said. “…And “officers” in a business – typically the “bosses up in the office” – will also need to exercise due diligence for workplace health and safety issues and not leave it exclusively up to managers or supervisors at the worksite.”

To find out more about AMCAP’s solutions for safety and the latest equipment and machinery for things such as HME parts and mining equipment head to our Industrial webpage here.

Watch the press conference below: