13YARN and AMCAP Partnership mentioned in Parliament

October 17, 2023

In Parliament today, Ms Zaneta Mascarenhas talked to the House about the partnership between 13YARN and AMCAP, and the launch event that she was delighted to attend. Below is the the Hansard extract and the video recording.

Statements By Members

Indigenous Health

Ms MASCARENHAS (Swan) (13:37): The 13YARN service is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander version of Lifeline, and 13YARN counsellors are there to listen. There’s no shame, no judgement. It’s a safe place to yarn. On 20 September I helped launch a partnership between AMCAP and 13YARN. AMCAP is a leading national auto distributer, which is based in Welshpool, in the heart of Swan. AMCAP realises that yarning’s about mental health and openly taking a significant step towards breaking the stigma of talking about challenges. It’s not about making Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders feel shame when they’re struggling.

All of AMCAP’s maintenance facilities will, instead of displaying AMCAP logos, now be plastered with the 13YARN information and phone number. That’ll be plastered all throughout regional communities. Trucks and containers which travel throughout parts of Australia will display this very important service information. It’s a really simple concept, and, when AMCAP came up with this idea, they reached out to 13YARN and were so excited to create this partnership. It will reach so many people, especially in remote areas, to let them know that support is available. I commend AMCAP, 13YARN and Lifeline for thinking about this partnership. I also thank Barry Neale, Marjorie Anderson, Lorna Macgregor and Ernie Dingo for a wonderful launch.