AMCAP Sponsors Harley Stokes at the 2023 World Dwarf Games

October 20, 2023

At AMCAP, Diversity and inclusion are values we strive toward. Recently, we had the pleasure of celebrating Harley Stokes, a relative of Wesley Jobling one of our esteemed team leaders. Harley Stokes was selected to represent Australia in the 2023 World Dwarf Games, which took place in Cologne, Germany. This remarkable achievement reflected his dedication and skill. AMCAP provided a financial contribution that assisted Harley to get over to Germany for this historic event.

Harley had outstanding achievements, securing the following medals:

Gold in the 100 Individual Medley and a new PB

Gold in the 25m Butterfly and a new PB

Silver in the 25m Breaststroke

Silver in the 25m Freestyle and a new PB

Silver in the 25m relay

He then won Gold in basketball the following day.

What an incredible achievement, Harley! You did Australia proud, and we wished you all the best for future events.

World Dwarf Games

In the past, individuals with dwarfism faced limited participation in sports, especially in schools and colleges, often confined to mascot or water-related roles due to physical challenges. In comparison to their taller counterparts, participating in school activities posed challenges for dwarfs due to physical limitations, affecting their running speed, reach, and throwing distance. This unequal treatment led to exclusion, reduced self-esteem, and diminished aspirations across life domains.

Recognizing the need for fairness, Dwarf Sport emerged in 1993. Over time, engagement in sports proved beneficial, fostering inclusivity, boosting self-esteem, and a sense of achievement. This led to events like National, International, and World Dwarf Games, with global efforts to promote Dwarf Sports’ objectives, promoting equity and well-being for individuals with dwarfism.

In 2017, Australian short-statured people made history at the World Dwarf Games, securing an impressive 76 medals and propelling their country to 3rd place on the medal tally. This accomplishment was the result of the dedicated efforts of those short-statured athletes and voluntary coaching and support personnel. Looking back at the 2023 World Dwarf Games in Cologne, Germany, held recently and ran from July 28th to August 5th, Australia expanded its delegation to 40 members, showcasing their commitment to continued success.